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Many people who are considering putting their home on the market may be wondering what really sells when it comes to prospective buyers. The following are the most common features buyers want.* (*Source: Kiplinger, August 2016)

Laundry Room ~ Most buyers prefer a separate laundry room with space for a washer and dryer, plus an area to sort and/or iron. If you don’t have room for one, spruce up the garage or closet area and keep it neat and tidy. 

Exterior Lighting ~ 90% of buyers want a home with good outdoor lighting, including spotlights, walkway lights and pendant lights. Not only does it highlight your curb’s appeal, it’s also a safety measure. Motion lights are a great feature to add. Backyard lights are fun and create a festive look.

outdoor lighting

Energy-Efficient Windows and Appliances ~ Energy Star-rated windows and appliances are a top choice of buyers. 90% prefer energy-saving appliances and 87% want energy-saving windows, which can reduce heating and cooling costs by 12%. Homeowners can also save up to $40 per year on utility bills with energy saving appliances.


Patio or Deck ~ More than 84% of buyers feel a patio or deck is an important home feature. When the weather gets warm, buyers like to entertain outside without modifying their home. An inexpensive outdoor rug, modified seating with colorful pillows and some plants can make the back patio or deck feel like extended living space!

Hardwood Flooring ~ 82% of buyers feel that hardwood floors are a desirable selling point in a home. Hardwood floors tend to be more durable and easier to maintain than carpet, plus they offer a timeless aesthetic to a home. Add some area rugs to improve the warmth of a space or tie the room together.

Garage Storage Space ~ Storage is critical to 81% of buyers, especially those with growing families. Additional storage in the garage keeps the main living areas free of clutter and is more accessible than an attic. Improve your garage space with pegboards on the wall for tools, adding some cabinets and improve the lighting and electrical circuits.

Eat-in Kitchen ~ 80% of buyers like the appeal of eating their meals in the kitchen, especially if they have children. Creating space in the kitchen for a small table and chairs may be as simple as removing a wall. 


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Article from Buffini & Company, 2017