With Halloween over and Thanksgiving just around the corner, we would like to give a few ideas for some beautiful and unique Thanksgiving Centerpiece ideas. Take a look!

Our first look is elegant and simple. All you need is some gold spray paint and plastic or real pumpkins. Then add in some of your own personal touches and voila!


Our second design uses some basic tapered candles and small decorative pumpkins. Add in some bits from fake flowers/berries of your own color and design and you have this wonderful set up.


I don’t know about you but I LOVE candles. This design uses both pumpkins and candles, by cutting a hole in the top of your small decorative pumpkins you can get this unique centerpiece look.



Do you have some hurricane vases laying around? Use those small decorative pumpkins to fill up the vases! No, you don’t need to ask your husband to buy you 12 lemons, instead just pick up some of these and stack them up!


Have you ever placed cloves in an orange? This is an incredible way to use those oranges that you just aren’t sure you are going to eat. The cloves combined with the citrus produce an incredible aroma, and once they are dried these clove oranges will continue to smell incredible!


How about a different take on the Thanksgiving theme? This centerpiece uses food as art. All you need here are greens and ribbon. I love this idea!


This last design uses some tapered candles and various sizes and shapes and colors of pumpkins. Very festive, and very easy to do!